Free standing Tea Vending Machine hot drink touch vending

Can be hot and cold around 24 flavours touch screen intelligent control system

Product Details

Free standing Tea Vending Machine hot drink vending--FB7C-P    

JL500-FB7C-P, touch vending machine, including one fresh leave tea brewer, and 2 canisters for different types of tea leaves, and another 5 pcs of instant canisters, which you can put milk power, cacao, sugar, milo, and many other types of powders. It can make hot and cold drinks together. This fress tanding tea vending machine can bring you fantastic taste experience.

Hot & cold drink available

around 24 flavours 

Intelligent control system with touchable screen 

coffee vending  machine


Modle numberJL500-FB7C-P






 Linux / Android

 Maximum power:


 Life Span:

 125,000 cycles


 27 inch touch screen

Product Video

DIY of the vending page

It is available to change picutures of background, logo and drink anytime by yourself just with a computer and a flash-drive

vending machine 

Remote Monitor

With Jetinno cloud server, it is available for you to check the sales data and machine status on your computert or mobile phone anytime



phone page

vending machine        vending machine 

computer page

vending machine 

vending machine

How to install?


Can you introduce about the harware of this machine?

l  Price setting

l  Sales data calculation

l  Machine monitor

 Our Machine accept customization,your special request is welcome  

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