Easy Tea Coffee Beverage Vending Machine--JL500-ESFB8C-P

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Easy Tea Coffee Beverage Vending Machine -- JL500-ESFB8C-P

  JL500-ESFB8C Foot Standing Vending Machine can produce espresso , fresh tea,and various instant drink,which is available for lively place like school,corporate,library,Etc.

  Compared with our machine JL500-ESFB7C-PI,this machine has one more canister,the volume of canister is different.

JL500-ESFB8C-P Main Features:

1 Coffee bean grinder(Made in switzerland with perfect function);

1 coffee bean containers;

1 coffee bean brewer(made in switzerland);

1 Fresh tee brewer(Jetinno patent,highly recommend);

6 instant containers;

3 High Speed Mixers(made in switzerland);

27”touch screen display(highly facilitate to operate);

30 kinds of beverage are options utmost;

Operation software(developed by Jetinno);

JL500-ESFB8C-P Module System Optional:

Sugar container on door;

Water pump system;

4G Module system;

Payment System(produced according to different countries' currency system);

Refrigeration system;

JL500-ESFB8C-P Normal Information:

Power MainsAC230v/50HZ
Maximum power2700W
Fuse15A (England: 13A)
Size1830mm *664mm * 700mm
Water inlet pressure0.5 – 7 BAR
Gross Weight150kg max
Design life span125000 circles
Instant product speed20s (120ml)   Espresso coffee speed, 40s (30ml)
GuaranteeOne year

JL500-ESFB8C-P would provide professional espresso,typical tea and other customized instant beverage.Machine is with payment system that would accept coin,note and mobile credit payment with MDB tech.Coffee machine is with auto-cleaning system to keep very main spares clean very day,facilitate maintenance service utmost.