Easy Tea Coffee Beverage Vending Machine--JL500-ESFB8C-P

Jetinno JL500-ESFB8C-PI is a commercial Foot Standing Vending Machine, which can produce espresso , fresh tea,and various instant drink. It can be put in public palces like school, airport, fitness center, shopping mall etc.

Product Details

Easy Tea Coffee Beverage Vending Machine -- JL500-ESFB8C-P

JL500-ESFB8C-P would provide professional espresso,typical tea and other customized instant beverage.Machine is with payment system that would accept coin,note and mobile credit payment with MDB tech.Coffee machine is with auto-cleaning system to keep very main spares clean very day,facilitate maintenance service utmost.

JL500-ESFB8C-P Main Features:

Easy cleaning and operating

Reliable performance

3 High Speed Mixers(made in switzerland);

27”touch screen display(highly facilitate to operate);

Product Detail:

Power MainsAC230v/50HZ
Maximum power2700W
Fuse15A (England: 13A)
Size1830mm *664mm * 700mm
Water inlet pressure0.5 – 7 BAR
Gross Weight150kg max
Design life span125000 circles
Instant product speed25s (120ml)   Espresso coffee speed, 45s (30ml)
GuaranteeOne year

Optional Module:

4G module

Water pump

Cold water system

Foot wheel

Payment system.

coffee vending machinefree standing machine coffee vendingOur Company:

Jetinno founded in 2013, but before that,all the members in founding team used to work in a well known German commercial coffee machine company for nearly 10 years.They had accumulated rich R&D experience and market knowledge in developing machines meeting the demand globally.

We provide one year warranty from the date of customers' receiving the machine. There're more than 60 employees in Jetinno after-sales service team and quick response and good service can be provided.

jetinno coffee vending machine


1. What's the instant canister capacity?

The standard instant canister capacity is  3.8L.

2. How much hot water can it make per hour/

This coffee vending machine can produce 20L hot water / hour.

3. Can it support 4G?

Yes, it can supports and 4G module is an optional function, customers can select that according to their needs.

4. What kind of payment system can it support?

It supports many payment systems like credit card reader, debit card reader, QR code, coin and bill etc.