Jetinno New Available Coffee Vending Machine With Syrups BIB Function Hot And Cold

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Product Details

New available module: Syrup, BIB, with water chiller to make cold drinks. 

All Jetinno coffee vending machine can customized, you can choose 2 units of BIB, or 4 of them. 

They can mix with cold water and hot water to bring you best flavors.

Jetinno coffee machine with BIB layout:

bib layout

BIB capacity: cumized, 2ml suggested

BIB quantity: 2 units or 4 units

Machine configuration: 1 bean, 1 tea, 1 instant powder, 4 bib syrups

Products: espresso, cappucinno, latte, mocha, americano, vanilla coffee, caramel latte, hot tea, milk tea, hot milk. cold orange, cold lenmon, etc. 

User interface: Customized, can put your design