Instant Espresso Coffee Tea Vending Machine -JL500-IN8C-P

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Product Details

Instant Espresso Coffee Tea Vending Machine --JL500-IN8C-P

  Jetinno Foot Standing Vending machine has 8 instant canisters for instant powder like instant coffee,instant tea,various juice powder etc.

With 27inch easy-touch display to meet our high technology software program, easy to change recipe, edit products name, price, easy to manage each modular of this machine, easy to order machine to do rinsing or purification. Multilanguages are available.

JL500-IN8C-P Main Features:

8 instant containers;

5 High Speed Mixers;

27”touch screen display(highly facilitate to operate);

30 kinds of beverage are options utmost;

Operation software(developed by Jetinno);

JL500-IN8C-P Module System Optional:

Sugar container on door;

Water pump system;

4G Module system;

Payment System(produced according to different countries' currency system);

Refrigeration system;

JL500-IN8C-P Normal Information

Power MainsAC230v/50HZ
Maximum power2700W
Fuse15A (England: 13A)
Size1830mm *664mm * 700mm
Water inlet pressure0.5 – 7 BAR
Gross Weight150kg max
Design life span125000 circles
Instant product speed20s (120ml)   Espresso coffee speed, 40s (30ml)
GuaranteeOne year