Iced drink espresso and coffee Vending Machine

JL500I-ESFB7CP is a 27 inch touch screen vending machine free standing vending market. Customers can not enjoy hot drinks but also cold drinks from this machine. And it supports multiple payment systems for vending.

Product Details

                                    Espresso Vending Juice & Coffee Mahine JL500I-ESFB7CP

JL500I-ESFB7CP is a commercial vending machine available for hot and cold drinks. It has an ice maker incorporated. This coffee vending machine is with 27 inch touch screen and Linux system for selection. Fully automatic production o make a coffee with 45 seconds.

Main Feature:

BIB interface, keep the real flavor of fruits. 

Ditting grinder+high-pressure espresso coffee brewer to extract an expresso with rich crema and intense aroma.

Intelligent cup lid dispenser and automatic lid dropped out.

Cold and hot drinks for selection.

Data Sheet:

Weight:approx 250kg
Touch Sreen:27", 1920*1808P
Maximum Power:2700W

Product Detail:

Ice Maker:

Made in Japan

30KG / day

Ice maker storage: 1.5kg


Made in Switzland

EMH64 professional version

Espresso Brewer:

Jetinno International Patent

Dosage: 0-14 grams groud coffee

Fresh Tea Brewer:

Suitable for fresh leaf tea

Made in Swiss

Easy for cleaning

Hydrualic System:

700ml stainless steel boiler

Jetinno Patented

Payment System: credit card, debit card, QR code, cash, coin(optional)

Remote control system

Available on phone and computer

phone page

celu page 2    带数据

computer page


Application Locations:

public places like shopping mall, airport, bus station, train station, scenic spots, hospital etc.

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Jetinno founded in 2013, but before that,all the members in founding team used to work in a well known German commercial coffee machine company for nearly 10 years.They had accumulated rich R&D experience and market knowledge in developing machines meeting the demand globally.

We provide one year warranty from the date of customers' receiving the machine. There're more than 60 employees in Jetinno after-sales service team and quick response and good service can be provided. We can also provide training on product and maintainance with our customers.

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