Free Standing Coffee Vending Machine With CE Certification/Cup Dispenser/Bill Validator/Coin Acceptor

Free Standing Coffee Vending Machine With CE Certification/Cup Dispenser/Bill Validator/Coin Acceptor
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Product Details

Jetinno JL500-IN8C 

Advance feature of Our machine


  • Ø  Remote control allows you to manage your vending network from any place and from internet connected device(computer,lap top,mobile phone);

  • Ø We are using professional grinder,Swiss quality,which is flat 64mm grinding disk,for always nice fresh ground coffee;

  • Ø Jetinno own develop patented espresso brewer,excellent espresso quality and coffee cremer quality;

  • Ø  High speed mixer brings you best milk foam,stable and long time span,also speed adjustable;

  • Ø Grear pump&pressure sensor for exact brewing pressure,exact temperature control,700ml boiler for stable temperature;

  • Ø Key components are from Europe(Germany fitting,Itay Pump&valve);

  • Ø Our machine software is modular design,easy to adjust all configurations(container,beverage,machine);

  • Ø Elect-mechanism parts alive detecting;

  • Ø Ergonomic interface--user interface make any work easily;

Key performance index of  espresso vending machine

  • Ø  Design life span125000.

  • Ø  One year guarantee

  • Ø  Instant product speed, 20s (120ml)

  • Ø  Espresso coffee speed, (30ml) 35s

  • Ø  Hot water speed 20L per hour

  • Ø  Cold start within 4 minutes



Service and Maintain of espresso vending machine

  • Ø  Quick service reference card

  • Ø  Manual: DE/EN/FR/ES/CN (spare parts list)

  • Ø  Hydraulic plan card

  • Ø  Machine visit frequency: 500 cups ES coffee or every 3 days.

  • Ø  Maintain reference card

 How to install?


  • Ø  Power mains: AC 230 V / 50 Hz

  • Ø  Maximum power:  2700W

  • Ø  Fuse: 15A (England: 13A)

  • Ø  Water inlet pressure: 0.5 – 7 BAR

  • Ø  Space for machine rear side: 60 mm

  • Ø  Space for machine right and left side: 60mm (suggest to 100mm)

  • Ø  Water hardness: 2~8ºHD (if bigger than 8° HD,filter is recommended)

  • Ø  Environment: 5-35°C, Max humidity 90%

  • Ø  Gross Weight:  150kg max.


Can you introduce about the harware of this machine?



  • Ø  7”touch panel (MDB integrated)

  • Ø  Warning speaker

  • Ø  LED indicate lights (RGB)

  • Ø  Cup detectable

  • Ø  Moving sensor

  • Ø  Waste water bin full detect

  • Ø  Coffee bean exhausted detectable

  • Ø  Cup empty detectable


How about the software of this espresso vending machine?


  • Ø  Elect-mechanism parts alive detecting

  • Ø  Warning message for machine status

  • Ø  Communication: USB, WIFI

  • Ø  Payment: MDB (Card reader and coin acceptable is optional)


l  Price setting

l  Sales data calculation

l  Machine monitor

  • Ø  Dosage & volume adjustable

  • Ø  Intelligent maintain system

  • Ø  Clock rinsing

  • Ø  De-scale automatically

  • Ø  Skip remain coffee ground automatically

  • Ø  Product menu designer

  • Ø  Machine configuration designer

  • Ø  Multilanguage