ESFBT4C Bean To Cup Automatic Espresso Coffee Tea Vending Machine With 7 Inch Touch Screen

JL500-ESFB7C is a Newly development, compact design, new style of foot standing automatic vending machine, contained espresso coffee brewing unit, and fresh tea brewer, can provide more than 20 kinds of different drinks. Improvement function of the system and ease maintenance, stable performance, etc, popular in vending industry all over the world.

Product Details

Commercial automatic espresso coffee & fresh brew tea vending machine 


Technical Parameters:

1.Main product listshown on first page of touch panel: l Espresso lDouble Espresso l Long coffee lCappuccino lLatte l Milk cacao lMocha lCacao l Milk (or topping) lFresh tea l Milk Tea l Hot water;

2.Sugar is optional on door ;

3.Stick is optional on door;

4. 7”touch panel (MDB integrated);

5.Warning speaker;

6.LED indicate lights (RGB);

7.Cup detectable;

8.Moving sensor;

9.Waste water bin full detect;  

10. Coffee bean exhausted detectable;

11.Cup empty detectable;

12.22”multimedia display;


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Software function

1.Elect-mechanism parts alive detecting;

2. Warning message for machine status;

3.Communication: USB, WIFI ;

4.Payment: MDB (Card reader and coin acceptable is optional);


6.Price setting / Sales data calculation /Machine monitor;

7.Dosage & volume adjustable; 

8.Intelligent maintain system;

9.Clock rinsing;

10.De-scale automatically; 

11.Skip remain coffee ground automatically;

12.Product menu designer;

13.Machine configuration designer;