Touch Screen Instant Coffee Vending Machine

JLTT-IN4C, a 7 inch touch screen instant coffee vending machine, is commonly used in HORECA and OCS market. It can make more than 10 kinds of drinks.

Product Details

Touch Screen Instant Coffee Vending Machine-JLTT-IN4C

Jetinno JLTT-IN4C is an instant coffee vending machine with reliable performace and user friendly interface. It's easy for cleaning and maintainance. This table top coffee machine includes 4 instant canisters and 2 mixers.

Data Sheet:

Name:Instant coffee vending machine
Voltage:220V-240V AC, 50/60Hz
Operating Temperature:5ºC to 50ºC
Humidity:10% to 95%
Dimension:700mm X 420mm X 450mm (H x W x D)
Weight:approx. 50kg


Dual operating system for selection

Fashionable design

Stable good quality and reliable performance

Customized service

Easy to clean


Drinks: instant coffee, chocolate milk, hot milk, hot water and instant tea.

Mixers: high speed, speed adjustable, Jetinno Patented.

Hydraulic System:Jetinno Patented, 700ml stainless steel boiler.

Operating System:Linux / Android

Communication:MDB, EVA/DTS.

Optional: 4G module, water pump, base cabinet.


jetinno coffee equipment

Why Choose us:

High quality and competive price

Good after-sales service

Strong R&D ability

Quick response

National and international patents.

Our After-Sales Service:

We provide one year warranty from the date of customers' receiving the machine. There're more than 60 employees in Jetinno after-sales service team and quick response and good service can be provided. We can also provide training on product and maintainance with our customers.

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