Automatic Espresso Coffee Machine For Sale

JLTTN-ES4C-14 is a tabletop automatic Espresso coffee machine. It has 14 inch user-friendly touch screen. This tabletop self-service sutomatic Espresso coffee machine’s size is not as large as free standing commercial coffee vending machine, but its function is not worse than the free standing coffee vending machine at all.

Product Details

Automatic Espresso Coffee Machine for Sale-JLTTN-ES4C-14

The tabletop coffee machine is equipped with large-capacity bean canister, and the coffee grinder is ditting brand and imported from Switzerland. And it has three instant canisters, two high speed mixers, one coffee grinder, one coffee bean canister and one espresso brewer, which can make more than 10 kinds of drinks.


OS:Linux / Android
Maximum Power:2700W
Screen:14 inch touch screen
Color:Black / Customized

Product Detail:

Drinks Production Speed:

25S for Espresso (30ml), 45S for instant drinks (45S), 20L/H for hot water.


Flat Steel Disc (Diameter 64mm)
Life Span: 750,000 Portions
Bean Empty Detectable.

Espresso Brewer:

Dosage: 0~14 grams Ground Coffee
Zero Pollution, Don’t Need to Take Out for Normal Cleaning
Brewer Removable for De-scale or Deep Cleaning
No Sensor and No Switch, absolutely No Malfunction
Main Structure is Made By 2mm Stainless Steel.

Hydraulic System:

Jetinno Patented
700ml Stainless Steel Boiler
Pressure Sensor Design (Always Exact Brewing Pressure).

Mixer: two high speed mixers and speed is adjustable.

One coffee bean canister and three instant canisters.

Application Location:

Hotel, bar, restaurant, cafeteria, office, club, VIP lounge and so on.

coffee vending machine

hot cold coffee vending machine

Main Features:

1. One touch-on screen operation, easy for using

2. Easy cleaning

3. Fashionable design and user-friendly interface

4. Support multiple languages

5. More than 10 kinds of hot drinks.

Honors and Certificates:

coffee vending machine certificate

Why Choose Us?

1. Quick response and good service

2. High quality and competitive price

3. Strong R&D ability

4. Lots of models for selection

5. Customization service etc.

After-Sales Service

We have more than 60 employees in our after-sales service team. They will provide quick response and good after-sales service. Our products have one year warranty. We provide training on product and maintenance etc.

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1.Where's your factory?

Our factory is located in Huangpu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province China.

2.How many kinds of drinks can it make?

It can make more than 10 kinds of drinks.

3.What's the operating system?

We have Linux and Android OS for selection.

4.What colors are available for the machine?

Our standard color is black color and other colors can be customized.

5.Do you provide product training?

Yes,we can provide product training and maintenance.