Commercial Espresso Coffee Machine With Touch Screen

JLTT-ES4C is a tabletop commercial Espresso coffee machine with 7 inch touch screen. Although it has a compact size, it can make more than 10 kinds of drinks. People can enjoy good quality and tastes of bean to cup coffee from it.

Product Details

Commercial Espresso Coffee Machine with Touch Screen-JLTT-ES4C

        JLTT-ES4C is a tableop commercial Espresso coffee machine. Its ditting brand grinder is made in Switzland. In addition, it's combined with three instant canister of precise powder discharging to improve the quality and taste of drinks.It has strong integration as a business supporting service. 


Maximum Power:
7 inch touch screen
Linux / Android
Black / customized


1.MDB, EVA / DTS standard

2. Dosage 0 to 14 grams coffee is acceptable for brewing

3. High speed mixer(speed adjustable), mixing evenly

4. Large capacity design

5. Touch button and high-end design


1. 4G

2. Payment system

3. Water pump

4. Base cabinet

Drinks Production Speed

1. Espresso, 25S(30ml)

2. Instant drinks, 45S(120ml)

3. Hot water, 20L / H.


More than 10 kinds of drinks, such as Espresso, Latte, Americano, Chocolate Milk, Hot Water, Hot Milk, Instant Coffee and so on.

Application Scenario

This tabletop bean to cup espresso coffee machine is suitable for conference room, VIP room, hotel, offices, cafes and so on.

Honors and Certificates

Why Us?

1. We have many models for selection

2. High quality and competitive price

3. More than 60 employees in our after-sales service team

4. Strong R&D ability

5. Years of coffee vending machine industry experience

6. OEM & ODM service

7. Quick response and good service.



1. Where's your factory?

Our factory is in Huangpu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China.

2. How's the warranty?

We provide one year warranty.

3. Can we customize the CUI?

Yes, we can provide customized service.

4. How many employees are there in your company?

We have more than 200 employees.



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