Tabletop espresso coffee machines hot drink vending screen 10inch

JLTTN-ES4C-10-A is a counter top coffee machine for offices and hotels etc. This machine standard configuration includes one coffee brewer, one coffee bean hopper, one coffee grinder, four instant canisters and two high speed mixers.With a small size, the price of the coffee machine is compatitive.It will be your good option for OCS channel.

Product Details

Tabletop espresso coffee machines hot drink vending screen 10 inch-JLTTN-ES4C-10-A

This espresso coffee machines from Jetinno in China is a bean to cup table top hot drink vending machine. The comercial coffee machine has 10.1 inch touch screen and supports 1080p Screen and 1080p Video Play. Ground coffee dosage from 0 to 14 grams is acceptable for brewing. With a compacted design, the small vending machine will be a lovely one in the OCS market.


Data Sheet:

Product nameTable top bean to cup coffee machine
Modle numberJLTTN-ES4C-10-A






 Linux / Android

 Maximum power:


 Life Span:

 125,000 cycles


 10.1 inch touch screen

Production rate

Espresso 45sec(30ml), Instant drinks 25sec (120ml), Hot water 15ml/s

coffee grinder

Ditting EK7 professional grinder

Hydraulic system

700ml stainless steel boiler + gear pump instant pressure system

Brewer system

High pressure coffee brewer + Mixter

Raw material module

coffee bean hopper (4L*1) + instnat canisters (2L*3)

Wastewater system

Automatic alarm for overflow wastewater tray

Water supply

Water pump/ tap water

Payment system

QR code/bill validator/cashless system/coin accptor/RFID card (optional)


Black (customized)


CE/CB/CQC (all parts connecting to drnks meet LFGB standard)


 Wifi, 4G(optional)

Core parts from international brands

coffee machine

- Grinder from Ditting (Switzerland)

- Water valve from ODE (Italy)

- Fitting from AVS Romer (Germany)

- Boiler from Backer HTS (Sweden)

- Temperature control protection switch from Emerson (USA)

- Compressor from EMBRACO (Brazil)

- Coffee brewer from Jetinno patent

- Mixter from Jetinno patent


  1. Fully 10.1inch Touch Screen

Jetinno coffee vending machine is wth morden design, using 10.1inch touch screen. When you come close to the coffee machine, clicking the product you want and a drink comes to your cups. Comparered with the coffee maker with button, the user experience is more frendly and intelligent.

coffee machine                                                       coffee machine

   Jetinno Touch Screen                                                                Button Click Screen from other brand

2. Ditting EK7 grinder

The coffee machine uses the grinder from famous Ditting brand EK7 professional grinders. So the degree of grinder is adjustable. And it has perfect grinding temperature control function. Moreover, it has long lifespan and high-quality.

coffee machine                                                              coffee machine

Jetinno Ditting Grinder                                                                      Ceramic grinder

3. Jetinno zero pollution coffee brewer

The coffee brewer is from Jetinno design and has got the international patent. The dosage is from 0~14gram. Zero pollution ( no need to take out for normal cleaning ), perfect cream for espresso.

4. Support Customization

- Customized color ( MOQ 50pcs)

- Customized recipe

- Customized logo

- Customized nameplate


DIY of the vending page

It is available to change picutures of background, logo and drink anytime by yourself just with a computer and a flash-drive

vending machine 

vending machine

Remote control system

Available on phone and computer

phone page

coffee machine system    coffee machine system

computer page

vending machine 

vending machine

Application Locations:

This coffee machine is widely used in offices, bars, cafes, shops, hotels etc.

coffee machine in hotel


CE, ROHS, CQC, CB and all parts contacted with food meet LFGB standard.

jetinno coffee equipment

After-Sales Service:

We provide one year warranty from the date of customers' receiving the machine. There're more than 60 employees in Jetinno after-sales service team and quick response and good service can be provided. We can also provide training on product and maintainance with our customers.

And we can provide fast online reply. After-sales service is alway be with you.

coffee vending machine

counter vending machine