Espresso Coffee Vending Machine

The JLTTN-ES4C-P is our new product, on the original basis, added the scanning code payment function, and improved the grinding noise problem. With Swiss grinder and fresh coffee brewer, we can have the best fresh bean to cup coffee quality every morning. Every single nice day start with fresh coffee. It including fresh coffee brewer, and fresh tea brewer as well.

Product Details

JLTTN-ES4C-P 14" touch screen Espresso coffee machine




 Machine outline dimension: height 712mm, width 420mm, depth 535mm.


Our espresso coffee machine can be customized on request


1.A brief introduction to

The JLTTN-ES4C-P-14 standard configuration includes the following modules:

EK7 mill components (1), coffee brewing machine component (1), coffee DouLiao box component (1), instant material box component (3), mixer component (2), coffee grounds barrel (1), drip tray component (1), (1) hot water system components, drinks out of the mouth component (1), built-in water pump component (1), (1) chassis components, the hydrodynamic component (1), touch screen display component (1), IO control system (1), main control board system (1), (1) application system.

Custom configuration optional modules:

1. 4G router (1)

3. Human proximity sensor (1);

4. Qr code scanner (1)

5. Face recognition camera (1));

6. Speech recognition mike (1);

7. Manual split cup (1);

8. Coin holder (1).

Note: the number of modules after the module name is the number of modules.

2.Main drink list

JLTTN-ES4C-P-14 can be configured with different beverages according to customer requirements, but mainly includes: instant hot drinks, freshly ground coffee and mixed drinks.


3.Machine features:

Ø Dimensions: height 712mm, width 420mm, depth 535mm.

Ø The 14-inch color capacitive touch screen.

Ø Agitator motor speed adjustable.

Ø Coffee bean dose adjustable (0~14g)

Ø No bean test in coffee bean.

Ø All executable components, such as valve, motor, etc., turn flow protection, wire breakage detection, status report.

Ø Turn on self-check, water system break water alarm.

Ø Electromagnetic induction closing state.

Ø Qr code scanner (optional)

Ø Human proximity sensing (optional)

Ø Face recognition camera (optional)

Ø Speech recognition mike (optional)

Ø Miniature loudspeaker

Ø Rf device of NFC card (optional)

Ø Communication interface: USB,

Ø Network: standard WIFI, 4G (optional)

Ø Instant drink can be adjusted.

Ø Full automatic daily cleaning.

Ø Automatic primary descaling (manual addition of pills)

Ø Fully automatic grinding of coffee powder (increasing the aroma of coffee in operation)

4.Machine key indicators

Ø Design life: 125000 times, design life is 5 years, 100 cups per day, 250 days per year.

Ø Technical failure frequency: 1.5 times (technical personnel to solve the problem on site)

Ø Instant beverage time of single product 20 seconds (120ml)

Ø Single Espresso coffee for 40 seconds (30ml) (brew 35 seconds) (specific Settings affect taste and production time)

Ø The hot water outlet speed is 20L per hour.

Ø The machine starts within 4 minutes.

5.Maintenance and maintenance

Ø Quick maintenance guide card.

Ø Maintenance manual

Ø Maintenance frequency: 500 cups freshly ground coffee or every 2 days.

Ø Maintenance guide card

6.Software Function