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Yelp Findings Show Consumer Interests In Pandemic-stricken US

Mar 26, 2020
coffee machine

Yelp's data shows delivery and takeout orders soaring (graphic provided by Yelp).

Yelp released its Coronavirus Economic Impact Report that shows some consumer trends developing amidst the nation's fight against COVID-19 infections, including changes in the way consumers buy goods and services and some notable changes across individual states, according to a spokeswoman for Yelp.
As the nation "locks down" to prevent spread of the virus, Yelp has found the following which may be of interest to restaurateurs:

  • 15 times more popularity among consumers for delivery and carryout.

  • Waning interest in coffee outlets and breweries. 

  • Increasing interest in fast food, pizza and Thai food. 

  • Increasing interest in sourcing food from farms, with community-supported agriculture interest up 157%. 

  • Increasing interest in imported foods, up 172%.

  • Interest in all types of outdoor exercise is soaring, with hiking (up 135%), mountain biking (up 119%), lakes (up 86%) and parks (up 62%) all presenting opportunities for restaurateurs in picnic packs and totable offerings. 

  • Video (up 53%) and video game (up 41%) interest are both up, which some restaurateurs are using in package bundles.

As far as regional and state differences induced by the pandemic, Yelp found that coastal states continue to experience the biggest shifts in local economies, but Nevada has seen the largest recent shift in terms of how its economy has realigned to match the national upheaval, reflecting the enormous impact on the core industries of Las Vegas — entertainment and hospitality.

Yelp also announced that it has partnered with GoFundMe to help independent businesses accept donations through their Yelp pages by making it easier for people to donate directly to restaurants and other businesses they love through a new "Donate" icon on the business's Yelp profile. 

GoFundMe fundraisers will automatically appear on Yelp pages for restaurants among others, giving communities a way to show their support during this challenging time. To kickstart this effort, Yelp Foundation and GoFundMe have pledged to match up to $1 million in donations.