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What Are White-Collar Workers Drinking Now?

Jul 12, 2019

What are the white-collar workers drinking now? Office coffee becomes white-collar workers' favoraite.

Offices are a social and work place, work makes us produce valute, but also inevitably will produce fatigue and sleepness. How to solve this problem? Coffee, as a drink of the new era, is welcomed by all white-collar workers. Refreshing, mellow and delicious, quickly return to work. The fully automatic coffee machine in offices has naturally become the favoraite of white-collar workers.

bean to cup coffee vending machine

Unlike common coffee machines, Jetinno fully automatic self-service unmanned office machine can make more than 10 kinds of drinks, such as Espresso, Americano, Cappuccino, Lattee, Mocha, Chocolate, Milk, Black Tea etc. which are suitable for all kinds of white collar tastes. And the coffee machine grinder is imported from Switzerland Ditting brand, the grinding thickness of coffee can be adjusted according to companies' white-collar preferences, it's conveniet and humane. Fresh ground coffee beans after high-pressure extraction, brewing and blending, it takes less than 45s, a cup of fresh delicious office coffee with the original taste is ready for you.

coffee vending machine

Jetinno office coffee machine operation is very simple, just four steps for coffee.

  1. Put in cups with enough volume.

  2. Click on the touch screen and choose your favorite drinks.

  3. Adjust the drinks strength slider and DIY your taste.

  4. Click on confirmation and wait for 45S.