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Vending Machines With WeChat Payment Are More Popular

May 19, 2018

1, novel

With  the growth of the use of WeChat payment users, this novel payment  method has been recognized by people. In the future, more people will  use this payment method. The vending machine will introduce WeChat  payment and it will also follow the trend of the era. .

At  this stage, the vast majority of vending machines in China do not have  WeChat payment function. Now we introduce WeChat payment, which is a  novel payment method in the area of vending machines, which is more  attractive to users than traditional coin vending machines. Focus on improving business revenue.

2, convenient

Traditional  coin-operated vending machines, when used by users, must be currency  with fixed denominations. WeChat payment can solve the vulnerabilities  of vending machines. At the same time, it also eliminates the trouble of changing the zero. Allow users to have a good experience while spending.

3, fast

With the development of technology, WeChat payment has arrived in real time. On vending machines, the speed of buying goods using WeChat payment and coin payment has been almost the same. Coin-paying  also has a process of identifying currency. Sometimes the problem of  recognition requires two or more coinages. For old currency or damaged  currency, it cannot be identified. Therefore, in terms of overall payment speed, WeChat payment is still faster than coin payment.

4, security

Traditional coin-operated vending machines are faced with the problem of eating coins and cards. When a user encounters this situation, he or she does not know who to deal with. Businesses also need to spend manpower to deal with the scene. When  using WeChat payment, in the payment interface, there is a customer  service phone number of the merchant, and the user can contact the  customer service at any time. The customer service can determine the  user's payment order in the background, and can give priority to the  user to send coins to complete the sales process. Then deal with mechanical failures.