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The Gold Content MAX! Jetinno Has Successfully Passed The “2018 Guangdong Engineering Technology Research Center”!

Jan 08, 2019

New Year's New Weather, New Year's Welcome Double, Guangdong Science and Technology Department officially released the list of 2018 Guangdong Engineering Technology Research Center. After expert review and online publicity, Guangzhou Jetinno Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. successfully passed the "2018 Guangdong Province Factory" Technical Research Center" confirmed!


Jetinno became the 2018 Guangdong Engineering Technology Research Center


It is understood that this 2018 Guangdong Engineering Technology Research Center determined that the competition is very fierce. According to statistics, the province's declared units are as high as 3,105, and the overall adoption rate is only 36.59%. 2018 Jetinno has never slacked its investment and layout for the future, and has never slowed down the speed of technological innovation. We have invested heavily in many core areas such as big data, artificial intelligence, and human-computer interaction. We have built R&D. The R&D center and the addition of professional testing equipment have made certain breakthroughs in the exploration and research of various cutting-edge technologies, and demonstrated the cutting-edge wisdom research results of many self-service grinding unmanned coffee machines. Jetinno has successfully won the honor of “Guangdong High-tech Enterprise” and has successfully stood out among many reporting companies and successfully passed the “2018 Guangdong Engineering Technology Research Center”!

In the coming year, continued investment in the technology sector will be our guarantee to enhance our core competitiveness. Just like China’s consumption upgrade this year, Jetinno adheres to the power of technological development, because the future world will be a world dominated by science and technology. Although the road to technological innovation and technological industrialization is not smooth, the Jetinno people will be in the rain. Step by step, go to the ground!


Jetinno self-service coffee machine, no-self self-service vending machine manufacturers

In the future, Jetinno will join forces with Guangdong University of Technology to strengthen the construction and management of the Intelligent Equipment Innovation Design and Shared Services Engineering Technology Research Center in Guangdong Province, vigorously promote technological innovation, and bring into play the advantages of corporate research to continuously improve research and development capabilities. And the ability to transform results, which provides strong support for the high-quality development of the new retail smart service industry in Guangdong Province.