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Syrup Function For Jetinno Vending Machine Hot And Cold

Nov 10, 2018


Jetinno Popular product JL500 series, now transforms the powder box into a concentrated liquid BIB interface, which enhances the taste of the beverage. In the process of making fancy coffee, the original solid powder is upgraded to a concentrate, the fine sugar is upgraded to syrup, the milk powder is upgraded to light milk, the chocolate powder is upgraded to chocolate sauce, and the taste is more abundant; the juice drink is also made of instant powder. Upgrade to concentrated jam for a richer taste.

How to transform the powder box module into the peristaltic pump module of JL500-ESFB7C-PI (full hot and cold) series products, you can connect BIB concentrated jam, and let the product taste upgrade again.

Step 1: Remove the cartridge

Note: Pay attention to the nozzle when removing the cartridge to avoid powder falling.

Self-service coffee machine, fresh coffee machine, BIB pulp machine, fresh juice machine


Step 2: Unscrew the 6 screws and remove the cartridge support sheet metal

Note: Do a good job of screw storage to avoid missing

Self-service coffee machine modified BIB pulp machine


Step 3: Loosen the upper 2 screws, unscrew the lower 2 screws, and remove the cover sheet metal.

Note: Do a good job of screw storage to avoid missing

Techno commercial unmanned coffee actively modified concentrated pulp machine


Step 4: Disassemble the cartridge motor cable

Locate the motor cable labeled "Cartridge" on the I/O board, find the motor cable with the number "1, 2, 3, 4" marked by the harness, unplug the connection terminal, arrange the motor cable, and replace the cover.

Note: Note that the rightmost is the No. 1 motor line.


Freshly ground coffee machine, self-service unmanned BIB juice vending machine

Step 5: Put the cover and powder box support plate back in place

Install the cover and screw the screws first, then install the powder box support plate and tighten the screws.


Self-service unmanned coffee machine, commercial coffee grinder, BIB juice machine

Step 6: Install the peristaltic pump module

Insert the two positioning studs of the peristaltic pump into the positioning hole of the positive box, insert the pendulum, and connect the peristaltic motor to the 1-4 digital marking terminal from right to left; put the BIB jam pipe mouth into the agitator.

Note: It is intended to set the motor number according to the line number, the terminal is inserted, and the connection is completed.


Self-service BIB search for juice machine modification process

Step 7: Place the box and connect the BIB jam

Put the powder box back in place and adjust the spout, load the BIB jam material and connect the BIB bag to the discharge port.


Self-service coffee grinder, BIB pulp concentrate juicer

Step 8: BIB Jam Box Calibration

Select the BIB jam box for calibration, enter the jam time “3”, click “Start Powder Test” twice, use the cup to catch the concentrated jam and weigh it, input the weighing data and save the result.


Note: The jam time is 0-25 seconds, which can be adjusted freely in this range.

BIB is now a blender, self-service unmanned coffee machine

Step 9: Set the jam line cleaning time

It is recommended that the cleaning cycle not exceed 120 minutes to ensure the freshness of the drink.

After completing the above steps, the JL500-ESFB7C-PI (all hot and cold) series products can transform the powder box module into a peristaltic pump module, and then can connect BIB concentrated jam, and the whole product is upgraded to provide users with the ultimate product experience.