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Self-service Coffee Fragrance Overseas! Jetinno Coffee Machine Appears At 100th NRA 2019 Show Exhibition

Jun 13, 2019

From May 18th to May 22nd, the four-day 100th National Restaurant Association show (2019) was grandly opened at the McCormick Place in Chicago on May 18th. Jetinno cooperated with the United States. The exhibitors exhibited the multi-function 10.1-inch self-service desktop coffee grinder, attracting the attention of many merchants, and accumulated a lot of popularity during the four-day exhibition period.


Automatic coffee machine export, fresh coffee machine, automatic coffee machine The NRA Show is a large-scale hotel and restaurant industry exhibition in North America, founded in 1919 by the National Restaurant Association. The American Restaurant Association has a dominant position in the American restaurant industry and has absorbed more than 60,000 visitors, with more than 2,500 exhibitors.


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This exhibition is the Jeinno desktop table top coffee machine. Its core components are from the world's leading suppliers: Swiss ditting grinder, Italian OED pump set, German ROMER valve group, Swiss BACKERHTS boiler and other brands to ensure the stability of core functions. . Multi-range coffee beans grind the thickness to explore more different flavors, and Jetinno's self-developed high-pressure espresso brewer can quickly extract the coffee essence and restore the purest Italian experience. The self-service coffee machine series is independently developed and produced by Jetinno. The core technology has won many patent certifications. It has provided more than 10,000 sets of high-quality self-service equipment for operators such as coffee zero, coffee wing and Pacific coffee.

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This time, the Jetinno desktop grinding self-service coffee machine can produce hot drinks such as Italian, American, latte, Cabu, Macchia, milk chocolate, etc. Among them, Italian and American are the most popular, and the products are well received by the on-site customers. Appreciation, but also expressed trust in Chinese brands.

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The Chinese manufacturing wind is rapidly spreading all over the world. This time, the US NAR exhibition once again makes the Jetinno brand successfully go global. Under the trend of globalization, the overseas market is the core focus of the next strategic development of Jetinno. It is the aim of Jetinno to create the world's top coffee equipment with ingenuity, to commit to coffee civilians, and to improve people's quality of life. Through the appearance of this NAR exhibition, we believe that in the near future, the small goal of making Chinese manufacturing to the whole world and allowing the world to drink a cup of Jetinno coffee machine will go one step further.