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See How Starbucks Catch Away Guests And Increase The Turnover Rate

Sep 20, 2019

See how Starbucks "catch away" guests and increase the turnover rate

In China,Starbucks believes that white-collar workers are a state, not an identity. There is a group of urban white-collar workers who are literary youths who are important consumers of coffee shops. But Starbucks will never place their position on the "literary youth," although they have a high probability of being the same person.


Such a subtle positioning has exposed the essence of Starbucks' "personality split". Instead of defining Starbucks as a coffee shop, it is better to say that it is a coffee convenience store. Customers who choose to buy it are far more enjoyable than in the store.

  How does Starbucks “get rid of” customers and increase the turnover rate? In a recent survey, 10 customers were randomly asked, and the reason for choosing Starbucks was consistently for convenience and brand recognition. A barista at Starbucks said that according to his observation, customers usually stay in the store for less than an hour. However, he believes that it is not the people in the store who are urging customers to go. The most important things to buy coffee are office workers and students. They are busy and will not stay for a long time. However, some service personnel said that if a customer is sedentary, they will actively ask the customer whether they need other products or services according to a period of time.

  The coffee shop is mainly an operator rather than a literary artist. Many local coffee shop owners who are literary dreams have been brought to the ditch by the leisure concept created by Starbucks. Many people who run coffee shops are pursuing art and setting, forgetting that they are opening a store. Many people in the industry have invested in their feelings and spent their leisure time. As a result, a store that allows customers to have a cup of coffee and an afternoon is likely to pay no rent for the next month.

  The turnover rate is very important for the profit of the coffee shop. For a coffee shop, the rent and labor costs are hard, and the cost of a single cup of coffee is certain, so sales determine the profit margin

In fact, Starbucks’s “bad tricks” have long been the secret of the retail industry. “Starbucks is just doing what an operator should do.” Starbucks’ practices are common in the retail industry. In the supermarket, if the number of customers is small, soothing music is usually played, and when the customers are concentrated, the music with fast rhythm can be involuntarily accelerated.