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Protein Shake, Immediate Energy Boost

May 10, 2019

When going to gym or fitness center to work out or doing exercises, have you ever been afraid of not growing muscles or of hunger?

Don’t worry right now. Jetinno JL500-IN8CPI is specially for protein shake vending. Just press one touch screen button and wait for 25 seconds, you can enjoy a nice cup of energy drinks. Quick energy replenishment, physical recovery and help muscle grow.

free standing coffee vending machine

JL500-IN8CPI protein shake vending machine has 8 instant canisters, which can support more than 20 kinds of drinks to meet different flavors. And the protein shake is made by cold water to keep its nutrition and nice tastes.

protein shake vending machine

Our Jetinno is a professional vending machine manufacturer for protein shake, coffee and drinks etc. Just contact us to know more.