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Pacific Coffee And Dong E E Jiao Collaborate To Launch A Series Of Ejiao Coffee Drinks

Oct 18, 2019

Pacific Coffee and Dong E E Jiao collaborate to launch a series of Ejiao coffee drinks

 On October 16th, Pacific coffee (required area: 80-150 square meters, has been stationed in 90 shopping centers, plans to open 20 this year) and Dong'e Ejiao (demand area: 80-120 square meters, has been stationed in 16 shopping centers) This year, we plan to open 100 companies to achieve strategic cooperation. The two sides jointly launched the "Coffee So Many Amazing" series of drinks, which are divided into five types of coffee: OATLY Ejiao Red Date Latte, Dong'e Ejiao Latte, Ejiao Red Date Latte, Dong'e Ejiao Matcha Latte and Dong'e Ejiao Tremella tea latte.

  It is reported that the "Coffee So Many Amazing" series has been listed in the Pacific Coffee designated stores in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Xi'an, Chengdu and Wuxi in October 16th, 2019 .

  The cross-border cooperation between Pacific Coffee and Dong'e Ejiao will provide new elements for the coffee industry and the Ejiao industry to stimulate brand promotion. Second, it will promote a “daily light nourishment” lifestyle for consumers. Ejiao has always been popular with the majority of beauty lovers, but most urbanites are busy and stressed, often ignoring nourishing health, so Pacific Coffee combines Ejiao with coffee, while drinking coffee and experiencing Ejiao, it is lighter and simpler.