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Nestle's Nespresso Launches Certified Organic Coffee

Feb 21, 2020
Nestle's Nespresso launches certified organic coffee

Nespresso, the portioned coffee unit of Nestle, launched its first certified organic coffee, Peru Organic, as part of the company's Professional Origins coffee range, according to a news release.

Other professional use, single-origin coffees in the line are sourced from Brazil, Guatemala and India, for a total of 15 coffees.  

"Nespresso is excited to announce its first organic blend, Peru Organic, which is produced in collaboration with local farming communities," said Daniel Weston, head of sustainability at Nespresso, in the release. "Drinking organic coffee is a burgeoning lifestyle choice, which is why we've taken the time and care to craft Peru Organic." 

Peru Organic is produced by 450 smallholder farmers in the Cajamarca region of Peru, to produce a floral and fruity coffee flavor.

Image courtesy of Nespresso.