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Nestle Professional Beverages Introduces First Plant-Based Creamer In A Pump Bottle

Sep 23, 2020

SOLON, OH -- Nestle Professional is offering a new Coffee mate non-dairy product that fits with today's customer expectations for plant-based alternatives.

New Coffee mate Vanilla-Flavored Almond Milk Creamer Concentrate is built for the rigors of foodservice without the loss on spoilage that can occur with chilled creamers, and reduced time replenishing product. The space-saving pump-bottle format doesn't require refrigeration; has a six-month shelf life unopened, 30-day shelf life once opened; features a tamper-proof, non-removable pump for food safety; and delivers 300 servings per bottle.

The pump format is ideally suited for self-service and those with storage, countertop and equipment limitations. This vegan creamer is made from almond milk and natural flavors, without artificial colors, and delivers rich vanilla flavor that is suitable for gluten-free, lactose-free* and kosher diets.

Nestle Professional cited statistics show that in 2018, sales of plant-based milk grew by 9%, while sales of dairy milk declined by 6%. Nearly 40% of consumers are projected to choose dairy alternatives by 2021, and almond milk is the #1 best-selling and fastest growing non-dairy alternative1 with a 356% growth on North American beverage menus in the past four years.

Foodservice operators can trial the new Vanilla Almond Milk creamer through the Coffee mate " Open for Business" Promotions portal . The Open for Business campaign is designed to help foodservice operators build their business with innovative products, unique programs and promotions.