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Mobile Coffee Sector Fuelled For Seasonal Boom

Nov 05, 2019

The glorious summer is prompting a surge in employees leaving stressful jobs to join the ranks of entrepreneurs in the booming mobile coffee market.

Fracino - the UK’s only manufacturer of traditional espresso machines and pioneer of dual fuel machines - says operators are seeking high-performing machines which will maximise their return on investment.

As a multi-award winning British espresso machine manufacturer leading the way in dual fuel machines, Fracino’s growing portfolio of customers are driving forces in the lucrative mobile coffee market.

Ranging from sole operators to conversion specialists fabricating a wide range of fully equipped carts, trikes and vans, they include Really Awesome Coffee, the only mobile café franchise to appear in the Top 100 of Elite’s Franchising list.

Fracino’s 1,2 and 3 group Contempo and Retro coffee machines are available as dual fuel options with the choice of LPG, Butane or Electric as the power source.

Peter Atmore, Fracino’s head of global sales, said: “As a long-standing champion of British manufacturing, we are immensely proud that our gas machines are the most powerful in the world. Our burners for dual fuel machines provide the equivalent power of their electric counterparts, ensuring no loss of steam pressure during busy serving periods.”

Customers include black cab coffee business Fairway Coffee, founded by Yusuf Bassir who was recommended to Fracino by Really Awesome Coffee when planning his taxi conversion.

Recalled Yusuf: “All of Really Awesome Coffee’s vans use Fracino’s Contempo Dual Fuel machines which straight away said that they must be reliable. I chose a 2 group Contempo dual fuel machine - the best option for a mobile business as you have the luxury of switching between gas or electric, depending on where you are.”