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Meet Jetinno At Shanghai Hotelex 2019 Booth Number E4G60

Mar 30, 2019

After 2018 market exploration, the development of China's coffee industry is becoming more and more mature, more and more coffee vending machine player will attend it, and it is further subdivided in the consumption scene. In addition to the traditional unmanned self-help scene, the hotel catering scene is becoming a new rising power.


        With the arrival of consumption upgrades, the demand for business reception, customer reception, and satisfaction with the experience of hotels and restaurants has been increasing. The ordinary coffee machines can no longer meet various needs, and Jetinno espresso coffee vending machine has customized for hotels, restaurants and other scenes. The self-service commercial multi-function beverage machine will be unveiled at the 28th Shanghai Hotel Supplies Exhibition, providing technology enlightenment for the participants and providing more solutions in the combination of smart hotel + multi-functional drinks.

       China has a history of more than 4,700 years of tea culture. In China, which is highly inclusive, coffee is becoming more and more popular as an exotic product. In many places, there has been a coffee boom. In response to the characteristics of domestic hotels and restaurants, around the Chinese consumption habits, Jetinno has carried a multi-function tea machine, a fresh milk self-made coffee machine and an integrated ice-making coffee machine. Whether it's a self-service coffee machine or a tea machine, freshly ground coffee + freshly brewed tea will give you an authentic feeling.


        In the mature coffee market in foreign countries, there are offices, homes, convenience stores, hotels/catering, etc. For the Chinese hotel/catering system, the current grinding coffee market has been in an untapped state with high expandability and great potential. The hotel lobby, self-service dining area, conference hall, etc. are all suitable for self-service coffee machines. For the hotel lobby where people come and go, the self-service tea machine and the 2-in-1 ice-grinding coffee machine can fully meet the needs of people of different ages and different tastes; for the self-service dining area, a fresh milk + freshly ground coffee machine can make picky Customers enjoy the most restored milk and coffee products; for the conference hall of high-end business reception venues, JL500 self-service coffee machine can fully supplement the energy of the participants and enhance the conference structure. The presence of a self-service device can effectively enhance the satisfaction of the hotel brand and leave a deep impression.

        Facing the hotel's new retail boom, Jetinno coffee vending machine invites everyone to experience the double impact of self-service tea and self-service coffee. This booth will be located in the E4 hall of coffee and tea theme, booth number is E4G60, April 1st - 4th, we welcome everyone.