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Make It Easier To Drink Coffee, Jetinno JL28 Tabletop Coffee Machine

Aug 29, 2019

How can you enjoy the delicacy of freshly ground coffee conveniently and quickly after work? The appearance of JL28 self-service bean to cup coffee machine has changed the noisy life of the office.

More than 10 kinds of drinks for selection, you can enjoy different flavors every day. 45s for a cup of Espresso, 60s for a cup of styled coffee and 25s for a cup of instant drink.

coffee vending machine (2)

The biggest difference between Jetinno JL28 and coffee machine on the market is that as a self-service desktop coffee machine, Jetinno JL28 can dispense cups automatically. Perhaps someone will wonder, is there not a lot of automatic cup dispensing machine in the market? Yes, but lots of coffee machine can dispense cup automatically is free standing coffee vending machine not tabletop.JL28 tabletop automatic cup dispensing not only expands the use scene of coffee machine, but also brings us convenient user experience. Compared with the previous desktop bean to cup coffee machine, the previous desktop coffee machine needs to put cups outside. The cups need to be pointed out of the drinking outlet and then maually placed on the water tray until the coffee is finished.

coffee vending machine (1)

Jetinno JL28 is a fully automatic bean to cup coffee machine. The core componet is Swizerland Ditting grinder. It adopts the method of Italian deep extraction. 92 degrees water temperatrue and 9 Bar pressure rapidly extract the fat and essence of coffee.

In terms of apperance, Jetinno JL28 tabletop automatic cup dispensing coffee machine is silver-black with fashionable appearance, has a dinigied and technological sense. The compact size allows it to blend well in offices, conference rooms, restaurants and other service workplaces etc.