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Luckin Unmanned Coffee Machines Enter Wuhan Hospitals

Mar 18, 2020

Luckin Unmanned Coffee Machines Enter Wuhan Hospitals

In recent days, in order to fight against the coronavirus disease, Luckin Coffee allocates unmanned coffee machines (which produced by Jetinno) from all over the country to Wuhan hospitals, and provide safe and free coffee beverage and service for medical staff. It has also promised that it will provide free coffee beverage for all enrolled hospitals before the epidemic ended completely. All hospitals can apply for this service via application hotline.


On Feb 12th, the first unmanned coffee machine to enter hospital was put into use in Wuhan Liuqier Hospital. It is reported that Luckin Coffee also provided unmanned coffee machines and coffee beverage for Wuhan Xiehe Hospital, Wuhan Tongji Hospital, fire rescue contingents, etc, and offer free and safe coffee for the front line personnel.


During the epidemic period, a large number of beverage enterprises have shut down to prevent the spread of the epidemic. Considering that medical staff are frequent users of coffee beverage, and they must be more in need of coffee due to the heavy workload for fighting against the epidemic, Luckin Coffee decided to allocate the unmanned coffee machines for these warriors, and provide them with more convenient and high-quality coffee.

During the epidemic period, unmanned vending machines have played an ever-growing important role in providing goods and service for supporting people‚Äôs daily life, as many shops and enterprises have shut down to prevent the spread of disease.

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Unmanned vending machines are becoming a necessary part of our life.

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