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Luckin Coffee Teamed Up With The Giant Louis Dreyfus To Build A Joint Venture Company ?

Sep 27, 2019

Luckin Coffee Teamed up with the Giant Louis Dreyfus to Build a Joint Venture Company ?

 Luckin coffee, start with coffee business, announced in september that its new tea drink brand "Luckin Tea" operates independently, suckin coffee still expanding its business brand.

  September 25, Luckin coffee announced that it has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Louis Dreyfus Group (LDC) in Singapore, and said the two sides will build a joint venture to develop co-branded high-quality fruit juice business in China.

  Compared with the previous expectations of cooperation between the two parties in the field of coffee roasting, according to Luckin offee, after the agreement is reached, the two parties will jointly fund the construction of a production plant focusing on NFC (non-concentrated reduction) juice in China. Launched the joint juice brand. At that time, the juice raw materials will be supplied by Louis Dreyfus, and the joint venture factory will carry out juice bottling production. The factory will not only supply Luckin coffee directly, but also sell it in other domestic channels.

  For this cooperation, both sides emphasized synergy and complementarity. On the one hand, through joint ventures, Luckin coffee will extend its upstream manufacturing process to control the quality of the entire process; Louis Dreyfu will strengthen its business development in China and help the Group further integrate supply continuously chain.

  It is worth noting that just two months ago, in July this year, Luckin coffee has just signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Americana Group, a food manufacturing and sales company in the Middle East. The two parties plan to jointly set up a joint venture to conduct coffee in the Middle East and India. New retail business. Luckin coffee not only continued to expand in terms of categories, but also began overseas distribution.