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Luckin Coffee Teamed Up With Borgward Automobile To Create A New Cross Border Marketing Model

Oct 17, 2019

Luckin Coffee teamed up with Borgward Automobile to create a new cross-border marketing model

  The luckin coffee, together with the Borgward car from Germany, launched the “Drinking Luckin Win” campaign today. From now until November 13th, users can use the same account to purchase 3 or more items in Luckin Coffee APP, and they can get 1 round of lucky draw chances, and have the chance to win the right to use Borgward car BX5.

  The prize includes a one-year free use of BX5 (a total of 8 vehicles), a one-month free use of BX5 (40 vehicles in total), a three-day free use of BX5 (a total of 100,000 vehicles) and luckin coffee Straw cups, luckin coffee coupons, etc. There is no limit on the number of activities, more purchases, 100% winning