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Jetinno Was Invited To Participate In Guangdong Shuangchuang Week

Oct 15, 2018


On the morning of October 9, the launching ceremony of the 4th Volkswagen Entrepreneurship Innovation Event Week in Guangdong was held in Guangzhou Science City, a national model base. Chen Liangxian, deputy governor of Guangdong Province, Zhou Yawei, member of the Standing Committee of the Guangzhou Municipal Committee and secretary of the Huangpu District Party Committee, attended the event. As a technology company with new technologies, new ideas or new business models in the field of self-service vending equipment, Techno Smart is invited to participate in this event to showcase the latest “double innovation” results.


Jetinno Self-service Unmanned Coffee Vending Machine, 2018 Guangdong Double Creation Week Exhibitor

Guangzhou Jetinno Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. is a technology enterprise specializing in the innovation and manufacturing services of commercial coffee equipment. It is committed to building the world's top coffee equipment, so that everyone can feel the charm of technology and innovation, enhance the quality of life, and initiate Mr. Eric Wu is the first batch of entrepreneurial talents in the 2018 Guangzhou Development Zone. He has always adhered to the corporate creed of cooperation, innovation and pragmatism. Techno Smart with star products JL500 commercial fresh ground coffee + ice two-in-one combination machine and 10.1 inch commercial fresh-grinding desktop coffee machine debut this double creation event, showing the charm of the new retail + coffee machine.

Self-made freshly ground coffee machine became the darling of Guangzhou Double Creation


Chen Liangxian, Vice Governor of Guangdong Province, participated in the Guangdong Double Creation Week

Jetinno Commercial Unmanned Self-service Coffee Machine Customized, Unmanned Retail Fresh Ground Coffee Equipment


The self-service unmanned coffee machine has a stylish appearance, no convenience for self-help, and supports DIY taste adjustment. The characteristics of freshly ground coffee 35s and cups have instantly become one of the most eye-catching products in the audience, bringing together many popular people. Started a coffee brigade. The participants personally tasted the freshly ground coffee made by the Techno Smart Self-service Coffee Machine, and they were full of praise for the taste of the coffee.

Insist on innovation, never stop

Guangzhou Huangpu Shuangchuang Zhou coffee machine brand, Techno intelligent self-service grinding coffee machine manufacturers

The theme of this week's event week is “High-level and high-quality development”. Techno Smart has always been guided by the national dual-creation policy and is committed to the development and experience of intelligent unmanned self-service devices. With the gradual popularization of new retail concepts, consumers are increasingly demanding intelligent unmanned self-service devices. Techno Smart keeps pace with market development, insists on continuous innovation, high quality development, never stops, and builds better. A broader innovation and entrepreneurial landscape will bring more high-quality smart commercial coffee machine equipment to customers