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Jetinno First Oversea Showcase Room Opened In The South Korea

Dec 05, 2019

Jetinno First Oversea Showcase Room Opened in the South Korea

With the rapid development of mobile payment, China has not only become the world's largest cashless payment country, but is also continuously exporting mobile payment technology. Cashless payments like WeChat Pay, Alipay, and UnionPay have all pushed mobile payment to the 3.0 stage: Face Scan Payment. More and more countries are open to mobile payments, and South Korea is one of them.


At the same time, South Korea's coffee culture is very popular. It is one of the countries that people drink the most coffee in the world. Per capita coffee consumption far exceeds China, ranking the sixth in the world's coffee consumption countries. Korean cafes are everywhere. You can drink coffee almost everywhere you want. Streets, alleys, school restaurants, clubhouse stations, even inside and outside the bustling bus station, you can easily smell the aroma of the cafe. Many people think that coffee shops provide more than just coffee, but also a living culture that allows you to rest, chat or daze in a relaxed and elegant environment. In the coffee shop, ordering a cup of coffee, you can communicate with friends, talk about troubles, discuss learning, or pass off boredom and relieve stress. There are many types of cafes in Korea. There are a lot of design and artistic flavors; there are pastry shops with coffee selling services; supermarkets can also provide a variety of coffees; of course there are many international chain coffee shops such as Starbucks.


After the combination of coffee consumption and mobile payment technology, the new coffee retail format was quickly copied to South Korea. On the basis of a strong coffee culture, Jetinno bean to cup coffee vending machines were quite popular when they were introduced in South Korea. Jetinno and South Korea's general agent jointly opened the first coffee new retail experience hall in Seoul, the capital of South Korea, to provide fresh coffee beverage services for the majority of coffee lovers.


This time, Jetinno and South Korean general agent opened the first overseas monopoly showcase room, which is an important step in the international strategy of Jetinno and also marks the determination of Jetinno to tap the market in Southeast Asia. At the same time, Jetinno developing Northern Europe, Western Europe, North America and other fields will also be an important key node in 2020. Jetinno hopes to focus on the new coffee retail in China, exporting better self-service coffee equipment overseas so as to commit to the popularization of coffee.