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Jetinno Enter Indonesia Market Together With JD

Aug 31, 2018

Unmanned retail, as an emerging market form, has been sought after by major Internet giants, not only in the country, but also opened the curtain for the unmanned retail industry. As the domestic Internet e-commerce giant, Jingdong, on August 2, 2018, Jingdong Unmanned Supermarket Indonesia PIK Store landed at PIK Avenue Shopping Center in Jakarta, Indonesia, and the joint technical and intelligent commercial self-service coffee grinder was officially put into operation.


It is understood that JD unmanned supermarket Indonesia PIK store area of 270 square meters, including clothing, home, beauty, daily fast-moving consumer goods and other commodity categories, more than 2000 SKU. The unmanned supermarket is the first smart consumer experience supermarket based on AI technology in Southeast Asia, and the first store of Jingdong X unmanned supermarkets overseas.


Jetinno Commercial Self-service Coffee Maker, Scanning Chip Coffee Maker, Automatic Coffee Maker

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When consumers enter the store, they need to bind their personal identity and payment information by brushing their faces. The supermarket adopts RFID radio frequency identification technology, and consumers can complete the settlement after walking through the intelligent settlement channel after selecting the goods. Different from the domestic, Jingdong unmanned supermarket Indonesia PIK store pays more attention to the combination of offline retail and interactive experience.


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It is worth mentioning that Indonesia's Jingdong unmanned stores have also added Techno's smart customized unmanned retail smart coffee machine, allowing users to enjoy the delicious no-self-service coffee while shopping.

Jingdong New Retail, Jingdong Self-service Coffee Maker, Techno Unmanned Retail Smart Coffee Maker

This unmanned self-service smart coffee machine is based on the technical and intelligent star explosion of the single-screen dual-screen JL500. The technical operation is carried out by the technical automation Indonesian agent jumpstart, which not only customizes the formula for local taste, but also has more domestic products. New flavors such as matcha latte are also customized and optimized in payment, interface and advertising systems, and become a major feature in Jingdong Indonesian unmanned stores.


Jingdong online store, Jingdong new retail, freshly ground coffee equipment

This time, Jetinno teamed up with the Jingdong Indonesian unmanned shop, which not only helped the unbounded retail market, but also helped JD.com to advance to technology and innovation-driven international companies. As the first place in the "21st Century Maritime Silk Road", Indonesia is an extremely important part of China's "One Belt, One Road" initiative, and it also means that Jetinno has taken a solid and important step in the internationalization strategy.