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Jetinno At Western Music Festival

Sep 28, 2018

Every year, the Western Music Festival will attract hundreds of thousands of fans. This year's Western Music Festival will be held during the National Day of October 1-3. Jetinno is the only designated coffee machine service provider for the Western Music Festival. Taiwan energy supply station, take a sip, one day!

技诺智能 2018西部音乐节唯一指定咖啡机服务商

Jetinno 2018 Western Music Festival's only designated coffee machine service provider

The scene is so big, I want to see it; the coffee is so fragrant, I am going to try it. In order to let everyone quickly resurrect, our Jetinno self-service coffee grinder is full of sincerity. During the Western Music Festival, all drinks will be 50% off! 50% off! That's right, it's 50% off! The important thing is said three times! So how can we get a 50% discount on drinks?


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Just pay attention to our "Jetinno" WeChat public number, enter the mall, you can enjoy half price concessions, the original 18 yuan a cup now! mill! Coffee now only needs 9 pieces. National Day super discount big "mad" to send, Western Music Festival, Techno coffee machine and Techno Mall agreed you.