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Jetinno At Shanghai Vending EXPO 2018

Aug 28, 2018

On August 17, 2018, the 2018 China Unmanned Stores Conference and Shanghai International Unattended Retail Exhibition closed at Pudong New International Exhibition Center. As the leading brand of unattended commercial coffee machine, Jetinno is once again invited to participate in the exhibition, carrying a new generation of black technology self-made coffee grinder and new upgraded consumer scene construction methods, a new appearance in this unmanned store conference, caused a lot of Operator's attention.


After the unexpected retail growth in 2017, the market retreats and the market finally returns to rationality, from extensive scale development to point-based refined operation, especially for unattended coffee machines. The refined operation around the user and the construction of the scene puts forward higher requirements for the operation partners, and also puts forward more professional requirements for the technical coffee machine of Techno Smart. The operation model of the scene coffee machine that Techno Intelligent has laid out earlier is exactly Born to this end, the Techno Business School opened is also a platform for sharing content from an operational perspective. At this booth, Techno Intelligent has set up four best quality core scenarios through background big data analysis:

University Library

Office pantry

Convenience store and business center

Through the scene presentation and the matching of different models, the coffee machine plays an important role in different consumption scenarios. One can present the consumption scene of the unattended coffee grinder, and the second is to make operators and investors intuitive. Learn about the direction of point selection for unattended coffee grinders.


From the three-day exhibition, different audiences have become more clear about their own demands through the scene. In the office, Jetinno's 10.1-inch and 14-inch desktop coffee machines can not only produce one-click, scan code payment, 45-second cups, but also intelligent background reminders, remote operations and other management backgrounds. It can also realize the function of double-cup espresso coffee, which makes it easier for colleagues to share. Among them, the 10.1-inch new desktop smart coffee machine is also attracting channels, and the audience is surging. Many viewers expressed their intention to cooperate.


In summer, iced drinks are popular, and it is also the peak period of iced coffee consumption. The freshly ground coffee machine with ice making function is a strong appeal of many partners. In the hot summer, after shopping in the business center, a cup of iced coffee can not only eliminate the heat but also refresh your spirits. Techno Smart's integrated ice-making coffee machine in the university library scene and the fresh-made ice-making two-in-one coffee machine in the commercial center scene, in addition to hot coffee, can also provide freshly ground iced coffee, and the variety of drinks is increased. Up to 40 species.


In this unmanned store conference, let us once again see that the form of convenience stores is undergoing tremendous changes, not only 24-hour unmanned convenience stores, but also existing traditional convenience stores are also being upgraded, and cross-border joint ventures It is becoming a new trend. Convenience store has become one of the convenient catering options for many end users due to its advantageous geographical location. Oden cooking + coffee, breakfast buns + coffee has become a brand new fashion. How to get a cup of freshly ground coffee at the convenience store, the emergence of Jetinno Coffee Machine solved this pain point, and considering the user's service type, Jetinno launched the FS170 micro-mini-cafe coffee machine and automatic for convenience store scenes. The drop-top small desktop coffee machine has an automatic drop cup function, so you don't need a consumer to take a coffee cup, you can enjoy a cup of freshly ground coffee in 45 seconds.


Cashless payment, or even mobile phone, is becoming a new direction for unmanned retail, which reflects the end user's appeal of “take it away”. Jetinno also brought a black technology product, the automatic gland-type smart coffee machine, which eliminates the steps of consumers taking cup lids and capping, and truly realizes the experience of “take it away”. The automatic glanding function has been added to the star explosion single item JL500 cabinet self-service coffee grinder. This unmanned self-service smart coffee machine has mature technology and stable structure, and is highly sought after by domestic and foreign customers.


The speed and stable quality of Jetinno's iterative update has been at the forefront of the industry. In the professionalism of coffee brewing, it has also gradually caught up with international companies, especially for the extraction pressure control, temperature control, coffee grinding of freshly ground coffee. Coffee brewing and other have strict procedures, some core components have obtained national patents, and high-pressure Italian coffee brewers have even obtained international patents. Attracted WMF and other coffee machine manufacturers, Magic Box and other operators to discuss related cooperation matters; new retail 007, animal eye special agents, watching technology and other media interviews.


In the industry of unattended coffee equipment, Jetinno insists on innovation and continually explores. The rooted terminal scene brings more and better commercial coffee equipment to partners, adding to the refined operation of the coffee machine. Just like the theme of this unmanned retail conference, the new trend of retailing, Jetinno is also committed to coffee civilians with its own strength, no one retail is smarter and more intimate.