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Jetinno And WBC Champion Pan Zhimin Meet You In Chengdu

Oct 22, 2018


Coffee has entered a stage of rapid development in China. Whether it is a variety of coffee shops in the city, or a rushing Internet game, Ruixing Coffee has a new retail smart coffee machine with no self-service. Although the development is fast, coffee is an imported product after all, and there is a lack of long-term culture. The Chinese people's understanding of coffee and the understanding of coffee culture are still insufficient. With the comprehensive upgrade of consumption, people's preferences have gradually upgraded from instant coffee to freshly ground coffee, from capsule coffee machine to intelligent fresh coffee machine. The new retail has also promoted the development of the coffee industry, bringing taste and quality to the whole people. And a comprehensive upgrade of consumption.

Self-service coffee machine, freshly ground commercial coffee equipment


Chengdu, always known as the land of abundance, in addition to food, beauty, beauty, "Ba Shi" city slow life rhythm is even more praise, which has become the natural growth corner of coffee culture, but also brought a different kind to Chengdu The style, many famous cafes are rooted in Chengdu.


Self-service coffee machine to join, now grinding unmanned coffee vending machine agent

Since the technical strategy of the technical start-up zone of jetinno, Chengdu has become the first model market of Techno Smart. As a strategic partner of the Chengdu region, Qihui Smart Coffee Master has deeply cultivated the coffee market in Chengdu, around the office, administrative center and 4S shop. The scene layout Techno Smart 10.1-inch desktop smart coffee machine won the favor of local customers.


Freshly ground coffee machine agent, self-service unmanned commercial coffee machine to join

In order to better realize the civilianization of coffee, create the ecology of the fresh-grown coffee industry, and realize the upgrade of the consumption of Chinese people, jetinno will work together with the smart coffee masters to carry out the champion coffee tasting event with the theme of “The correct opening method of a cup of coffee”. And invited a heavyweight guest, 2017 WBC China District Champion Pan Zhimin to talk about "coffee"!

What is coffee?

What is good coffee?

How to taste good coffee?

How to achieve consumption upgrade?

With these questions, we are now inviting local partners in Chengdu to participate in the road of champion coffee tasting opened by Mr. Pan Zhimin to learn more about the magic of coffee.

details of the event

Event theme: The correct way to open a cup of coffee

Activity time: October 26

Venue: 2nd Floor, Wenxuan Bookstore, Jiufang Shopping Center, Chengdu

Motherboard unit: Techno Smart, Smart Smart Coffee Master


Teacher Pan Zhimin

2017 WBC World Barista Competition China Championship

2017 China Fukuyama International Barista Championship

2016, 2017 World Barista Competition Beijing Champion

2016 Amalfi Cup Chinese Barista Lahua Competition

2017 PCA Coffee Masters Competition Beijing Station Jury

Jury of Beijing Station of the Italian Flower Art Competition in 2018

CQI Q-Grader Coffee Quality Appraiser

CREMA Coffee Training Instructor

Activity planning

13:00-14:00 Sign in, free communication

14:00-14:15 Keynote Speech: New Retail under the Upgrade of Coffee Consumption

14:15-14:30 Keynote Speech: Introduction to Techno Smart Coffee Machine

14:30-17:20 Coffee Lecture + Coffee Tasting WBC Champion Lahua Performance

17:20-18:00 Sweepstakes, group photo, free communication

Self-service coffee machine agent, now grinding commercial coffee machine investment

The event has both a coffee culture salon and a lottery. It also has a close contact with the champion barista. The most important thing is to provide various channels of preferential policies for on-site partners to accelerate the construction of the local smart coffee machine market in Chengdu! This event is also the construction of the first model market in the country of Jetinno, and then more model market construction will be opened, and look forward to!


On October 26th, we are waiting for you on the second floor of Wenxuan Bookstore, Jiufang Shopping Center, Chengdu. Registration hotline: 028-8605 4359 or directly online through WeChat public account H5.