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Jetinno And China Unicom Held A Strategic Cooperation Signing Ceremony

Apr 07, 2019

On the afternoon of March 28th, “Enterprise Internet·Intelligent Future Huangpu District, Guangzhou Development Zone Thousand Enterprises on the Cloud Platform Seminar Series of 100 Family Business Meetings” was held in Huangpu, the event was organized by Guangzhou Huangpu District Industry and Information Guided by the Bureau of Chemistry, Huangpu District, Guangzhou Development Zone Enterprise Services "Wolf Flower" Office, China Unicom co-sponsored. Nearly 100 enterprises above designated size participated in the event. Self-service fully automatic grinding commercial coffee vending machine manufacturer Guangzhou Jetinno Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. and China Unicom joined forces to hold a strategic cooperation signing ceremony at Guangzhou Poly Holiday Hotel.

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The seminar focused on key aspects of key manufacturing areas and discussed how to integrate integrated innovation and engineering applications for the next generation of information technology and manufacturing equipment integration. The so-called "upper cloud platform" includes two levels: one is "enterprise on the cloud", and the cloud refers to the business model of using resources on demand on the network, promoting industrial enterprises to purchase cloud services on demand, reducing one-time input costs. . The other is “Industrial Enterprise Platform”, which refers to the industrial Internet platform, which supports industrial enterprises to implement digital, network and intelligent upgrades based on the industrial Internet platform to further reduce costs and increase efficiency.

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Eric Wu, founder and general manager of Jetinno, delivered a speech at the signing conference. He said that Jetinno has always attached great importance to the development of the IoT for the self-service commercial coffee vending machine industry. We own the i-Jetinno O2O Internet platform to help our operators. Partners can monitor machine hardware status, operational data, order management, ad management, sales analysis, user preferences, etc. in real time, all depending on the IoT system. The cooperation with China Unicom can not only support the traffic support of each coffee machine in the terminal, but more importantly, through the access of Unicom Saas platform, we will connect with our Internet back-end management system to better support the whole country. Cloud management of all partners' machines further enhances efficiency and reduces costs.

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Sign agreement

Through this signing ceremony, Jetinno will reach a further cooperation relationship with China Unicom, and carry out multi-faceted and in-depth cooperation on the construction of the industrial Internet of enterprises, and help the intelligent digital transformation of the self-service coffee equipment industry to promote the development of the industry.