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Have You Ever Seen The Hospital's Unattended Coffee Vending Machine?

Jul 22, 2019

Have you ever seen the hospital's unattended coffee vending machine? What does a self-service bean to cup coffee vending machine bring to hospitals?

Now bean to cup coffee has gradually become more and more popular among people's life. After meals, it's no longer difficult to drink a cup of bean to cup coffee between work and study. Although there are numerous coffee shops such as Starbucks, we still have to visit them personally and can't drink coffee anytime and anywhere. And the emergence of self-service unmanned coffee vending machine solves this pain point.

The scene of self-service coffee vending machine very rich, ranging from small stores to airport, high-speed railway station to queue for coffee for drinking. Besides, self-service unmanned coffee vending machine can be siad to be very suitable to put in hospitals scene by nature. The coffee machine put into hospital is often the most profitable one in all scenarios.

modern coffee vending machine

The hospital itself has a large enclosed space and a large stream of people. What can we do for the waiting time of family members and patients? How about a cup of coffee? For medical staff, doctors and nurses with higher education have long been attracted by the coffee culture, and with a sense of continual work fatigue, well-paid doctors and nurses have the first admission tickets to drink coffee. According to relevant statistics, 30% of the sales of hospital coffee machines come from medical staff and the figures are objective.

For hospitals, the presence of self-service coffee vending machine can improve the level of service and competitiveness of the hospital. Jetinno is one of a leading professional coffee vending machines manufacturers with years of experience. There're lots of models for selection.