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Happy New Year! Coffee Vending Machine Manufacturer Jetinno Green Through The Coca-Cola Supplier SGP Audit!

Jan 05, 2019

In December 2018, a third-party company commissioned by the Coca-Cola Company conducted a SGP audit of the Guangzhou Jetinno Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.

 (Coca-Cola Supplier Guidelines/Workplace Rights Policy). 

The audit team conducted on-site verification of the site, personnel, safety, and environmental protection. With the cooperation of all levels of the company and all employees, the team finally awarded the highest level of Techno Smart “0” on the 2nd of the 20th. Smooth green pass!

Jetinno coffee vending machine, freshly ground automatic coffee machine

SGP (Supplier Guiding Principles), also known as the Supplier Guiding Principles, can also be called social responsibility assessment, which helps companies to develop towards more standardized and more humane management. Coca-Cola hopes that through SGP audit, every factory and supplier will become a model enterprise, strictly fulfill the corporate social responsibility, and bear the responsibility to employees, consumers, communities and the environment while creating profits and taking legal responsibility to shareholders. In order to produce a qualified product. The contents of the audit included the protection of the employees' basic interests, whether the fire safety facilities were qualified, whether the company's environmental documents were complete, and other activities, and conducted interviews with employees.


SGP V3 is a newly revised Coca-Cola supplier audit system. It has stricter regulations and requirements for corporate social responsibility audit. The green “0” score is the highest level, that is, no deductible items and rectification items. The achievement of this outstanding achievement is the result of the joint efforts of all employees of our company, and it is also the concentrated expression of our company's emphasis on social responsibility and strengthening internal management.

The Coca-Cola SGP audit scored 0 points green, marking that Jetinno is fully qualified as a Coca-Cola supplier standard. It is the affirmation of Coca-Cola's management ability, operation capability and self-service unmanned coffee machine products. It will also continue to drive our innovation and progress in the future.