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Global Slump Market Performance Leads To Challenges In Tanzania's Coffee Production Industry

Jan 04, 2020

Global Slump Market Performance Leads to Challenges in Tanzania's Coffee Production Industry

 Tanzanian mainstream media "Citizen News" reported on December 12 that the global coffee market price, especially the low price of Tanzanian-origin coffee, has caused Tanzania's coffee production industry to face challenges. In addition, the failure of the Tanzanian government to revive the coffee production industry and climate change are also the reasons why the coffee production industry faces challenges.

  On the 11th, NoelYatera, the vice chairman of the Tanzania Coffee Association, said that the export price of Tanzania coffee has fallen for three consecutive years, a decline of more than 30%. And more than 90% of the coffee produced in Tanzania depends on foreign markets. Therefore, the decline in prices has had a great impact on farmers, and many farmers have given up coffee because they have lost confidence. In addition, the frequent adjustments of relevant Tanzanian government policies have resulted in investors being unable to formulate a long-term stable investment plan, which has also affected the coffee industry. In this regard, the Vice Chairman of the Tanzania Coffee Association said that the Tanzanian government needs to take practical measures to ensure that Tanzanian coffee farmers have a stable market and better prices, and at the same time ensure that a policy will remain stable for at least 5 years after its introduction.