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Frankfurt Airport Introduces Reusable Bamboo Cups For Coffee To Go

Nov 23, 2017

  An increasing number of coffee drinkers are making the environmentally friendly decision to order their coffee in reusable cups when traveling. In turn, restaurant owners have decided to reward that by offering a small discount.

  This concept is in full swing at Frankfurt Airport (FRA), with all restaurants in both terminals participating. In line with the initiative, Fraport, the airport’s operator, has now introduced stylish bamboo mugs with an airport-themed design.

  About 25,000 hot beverages are passed across the counters of Frankfurt Airport’s restaurants and cafés every day. FRA is one of the most important and busiest international aviation hubs that sees a large number of transfer passengers.

  It’s therefore no surprise that the customers, who are often in a hurry, order their coffee or tea to go.

  In order to sustainably decrease the usage of disposable cups, restaurant owners from both terminals came together in an agreement and are offering an incentive to those patrons who bring their own cup – whether made of porcelain, bamboo or any other material.