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Daily Maintenance Of Vending Machines Should Be Long-term

May 19, 2018

External and external vending machine: When there is dust outside the machine, wipe it with a dry rag. If  there is too much dust to wipe off, clean it with warm water or diluted  neutral water, and then dip the diluted solution with a rag to clean  the machine. Note: It is difficult to remove the dirt in time and it is not  possible to wipe the machine with a solvent or an alkaline liquid.  Otherwise, cracks may occur on the panel and selection keys.

Coin  recognizer: Coins are easily contaminated during circulation. When  stained coins pass through coin dispenser channels, they will  contaminate the passageways over time. If the dirt is too serious, it  will result in coins in vending machines. Choice, change, currency, and other performance disorders. Therefore, in order to maintain the good performance of the coin  identifier, the channel of the coin identifier should be wiped at least  once a month. When wiping, it should not be wiped with a gauze moistened  with hot water, and a dry rag or slightly moistened cloth can be used.

Pick-up  port: Since the vending machine has a low pick-up port, it is easily  stained with dirt. Therefore, every time the merchant replenishes the  goods, the outside of the pick-up port and the inside of the pick-up  port must be wiped clean to leave it to the consumer. A clean and clean impression.

Vending  machines need to be maintained during operation, and should be  carefully maintained when they are not used for a long period of time. When  a vending machine is not used for a long time, it should be locked so  that the door of the vending machine cannot be left open. First of all, take out the goods placed inside. Next, set the leakage protector switch to OFF and unplug the power plug. Wipe  the interior and exterior of the vending machine clean, while draining  the water from the evaporator water tank, wipe clean after cleaning. Finally, cover the vending machine with a protective cover for proper storage.