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Costa Plans To Launch IoT Technology Coffee Vending Machines Worldwide

Sep 24, 2019

Costa plans to launch IoT technology coffee vending machines worldwide

Costa, the world's second-largest coffee chain brand, has announced a partnership with Eseye, the UK's industrial Internet of things company, to promote the Costa Express coffee vending machine with IoT technology worldwide.

  With Eseye's technology, these IoT coffee vending machines can quickly connect to any available mobile network, enable cellular data access anywhere, communicate with back-end systems, and provide health monitoring, local time synchronization, and data routing information. This reduces the need for professional engineers to connect each vending machine to a local Wi-Fi or cellular network to ensure uptime.

  Through the Internet of Things technology, Costa can also take action in a timely manner to ensure that staff can timely replenish the coffee beans, milk and other consumables required by the vending machine, and monitor the performance of machines such as coffee grinders in real time, so that customers can enjoy the quality of baristas. Coffee.

  In addition, Eseye's unique IoT AnyNet security platform allows these Costa Express vending machines to monitor the actual usage of each customer on each coffee vending machine in real time and develop a marketing plan through intelligent maintenance.