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Coca-Cola Wants To Make Coffee, And Transforms “healthy Companies”?

Oct 15, 2019

Coca-Cola wants to make coffee, and transforms “healthy companies”?

  It is said that Coca-Cola's formula is still locked in the treasury of the Bank of Atlanta.

  It is rumored that there are no more than 10 people in the world who know this formula, and they can only remember it in their minds and are not allowed to write it.

  To view this secret recipe, it must b
e approved by the Coca-Cola Company Board of Directors. The government official can open the door of the vault within a specified period of time, and it is strictly forbidden to record. In addition, Coca-Cola manufacturers have always enjoyed special treatment approved by the US Food and Drug Administration for not having to formulate formulas on product packaging.

  However, it is such a beverage company known for producing carbonated beverages, but this week, on June 16, it announced that it will soon launch ready-to-drink coffee. A series of new ready-to-drink coffees will be launched in the UK at the end of June and will be further extended to Poland and China.

  What is the idea of the beverage giant "joining" coffee in a carbonated beverage?
  Perhaps no one does not know the carbonated beverage giant Coca-Cola, and even the stock god Buffett is Coca-Cola's faithful "fan". According to Buffett himself, he drinks 5 bottles of cola every day, 3 bottles during the day, and 2 bottles at night. When he is happy, he will have another bottle of cherry. Just treat yourself. "Junk food makes me happy."