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Coca-Cola Elbowing In On Cold Brew Shelf Space With New Gold Peak Products

Mar 04, 2020
coffee machine

Gold Peak Beverages photo from the hot coffee line. Product images of the new RTD products have not yet been unveiled.

The Coca-Cola Company is angling for more shelf space in the RTD cold brew game, rolling out “tea lattes” and cold-brewed coffee under the Gold Peak brand, the company announced yesterday.

The company’s other RTD coffee products fall under the Illy brand. “Together, they will be part of a multi-brand strategy to give consumers a variety of great-tasting options, and help the company become a major player in a beverage category that continues to rise in popularity,” Coca-Cola said in the Gold Peak announcement, noting particular growth within the past five years.

Primarily an RTD iced tea brand, Gold Peak saw sales of more than $1 billion in 2014, and Coca-Cola recognized it as one of its fastest growing brands. The Gold Peak product portfolio already includes a coffee line, although that is primarily wholesale hot coffee solutions for the hospitality sector, with clients including Outback Steakhouse and California Pizza Kitchen.

The company didn’t go into specifics about the cold brew process or the coffees to be used for the new line, other than to say that the beverages will feature “real milk and sugar.” Said Coca-Cola Vice President for Tea & Coffee Geoff Henry, “Our new tea lattes and cold brew iced coffees will feature our signature high quality ingredients and distinct taste for a delicious pick-me-up anytime of the day.”