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2019, Believe In The Power Of Dreams - Jetinno Coffee Vending Machine

Jan 02, 2019

2018 is about to pass, first of all, I wish all Jetinno people and partners a happy New Year, good health and happiness! This year is a crucial year for Techno's intelligent history. We have been working hard for our dreams through the spring breeze of unmanned retail and new retail of coffee, and we are committed to the civilianization of Chinese coffee.


All the greatness comes from a brave start. From the team of Jetinno's founders, a screw, an accessory, a water pipe, and the first intelligent self-service unmanned coffee machine prototype, the dream is stationed. In the heart of every Jetinno man. Looking back on 2018, we are faced with heavy challenges and fierce competition, but Techno people have never been jealous. We have a humble heart, but we have never set ourselves limits; we respect the rules, but never draw the ground, so we have been It’s like a broken bamboo, and it’s going all the way!

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Throughout 2018, the domestic economic situation is not optimistic, unmanned retail, new retail of coffee began to return to rationality, and our partners have begun the road of self-transformation, returning to the essence of traditional business: retail. The whole industry looks like a wave of turmoil, but in reality it contains a change. For Techno, we are constantly improving and constantly improving. We work hard in a strategically focused way, and work with our partners to cope with the tremendous changes in the Chinese coffee market and achieve a win-win situation. We actively carry out the industrial layout through the concept of openness and symbiosis, and actively transform from commercial coffee equipment manufacturers to “new coffee retailers”. On this basis, breakthroughs have been made in the core markets of coffee machines in Europe and the United States, and a solid step has been taken in Southeast Asia, and the ability to face the future has been built step by step.

In this year, Jetinno has earned respect through hard work. We face achievements with a normal heart, but we must face word of mouth with sincerity. We have been selected as a high-tech enterprise in Guangdong Province, and implemented ISO management in lean production. Through the SGP review of Coca-Cola, it became the first Chinese company to join EVA (European Vending Machine and Coffee Service Association) and also harvested APVA. The annual equipment superior award. Joining the Yangtze River Delta Coffee Association to participate in poverty alleviation and contribute to social power in Yunnan, and also to promote the technology brand to the world through the Cross Western Music Festival, Guangzhou International Lighting Festival and Zhaoqing Light and Shadow Art Festival. We cherish these honours because they embodies the efforts of all Techno people and the love that our partners have given us.

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At the same time, 2018, we have never slacked the investment and layout for the future, and have never slowed down the speed of technological innovation. We have invested heavily in many core areas such as big data, artificial intelligence, and human-computer interaction. The R&D R&D Center and the addition of professional testing equipment have made certain breakthroughs in the exploration and research of various cutting-edge technologies. Our "secret nuclear weapons" will also be officially unveiled in 2019, bringing the technology to the development of the Chinese coffee industry. Explore and think.


In the coming year, Jetinno will continue to maintain awe of social, environmental, competitive and technological changes, and actively create a business ecosystem centered on self-service unmanned coffee machines. We will also provide internal resources, capabilities and data. Open to our partners, the beginning is also to get more start, from product to service, to convey trust and warmth to consumers and partners, and to create and share value with ecological partners and society!

In the coming year, continued investment in the technology sector will be our guarantee to enhance our core competitiveness. Just like China’s consumption upgrade this year, Jetinno adheres to the power of technological development, because the future world will be a world dominated by science and technology. Although the road of technological innovation and technological industrialization is extremely difficult, the Jetinno people will be in the rain. Step by step, one foot and one foot!


In the coming year, Jetinno's internationalization strategy will advance rapidly, which is by no means a calm journey. The concentration of the domestic coffee machine industry is getting higher and higher, the competition is more intense, and the refinement and sinking will become the norm. In mature overseas markets, Jetinno is also actively exploring ways to develop a unique development path to win a new situation with attitude, value, brand and reputation. Self-service fresh coffee machine manufacturer, no-coffee new retail coffee machine

In the past 6 years, we have lived up to expectations. In the next ten years, we will have a mission, and every Techno person will uphold the belief of persistence, not to think about the past, not afraid of the future!

2019, we brave to start again, believe, the power of dreams, face the magnificent global market!