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Will the Cashless Payment Help Increase Sales in Coffee Vending Machine?

Jun 28, 2019

With technology development, cashless payment becomes more and more popular and lots of people enjoy the benefits of using cashless payment technology. However, some coffee vending operators may ask whether the cashless payment reader in coffee vending machine will help increase the sales?

The answers are definitely yes. Let’s see the reasons.

1. Cashless payment will be more convenient for consumers to pay than traditional payment methods. So it will be much easier to attract more potential consumers. Especially younger generation.

2. "Michigan State University researchers measured activity in 250,00 machines following cashless deployment over an 18-month period, and learned that credit card transactions increased by 74 percent and cash transactions rose by 13 percent."

3. And the coffee vending machines with cashless readers have telemetry. It supports the authorization of credit and debit purchases. The telemetry enables remote data management, too. And it allows operators to deliver more timely service and sales analysis.

4. Besides, operators often place products with more higher price in machines with cashless capability. Since consumers are more likely to pay more when using a credit card. The higher priced products can make more sales from cash paying consumers as well.

5. Consumers are now paying more with credit cards than they used to. Mobile payment is increasing.

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