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Why college needs so many coffee vending machines?

Aug 13, 2018

Characteristics of college scenes

The college scene is quite popular among self-service coffee vending machines because its attribute characteristics are very suitable for the operation mechanism of self-service devices. Now, what are the characteristics of college scenes?


1. The crowd is relatively fixed and likes to try new technologies and new things;

2. The scene is relatively closed, there are not many choices, and the repurchase rate is very high.

The group of college students has undoubtedly become the main consumer group of emerging things, and the considerable consumption power is also the new force of the consumer army. Coupled with the relatively relaxed competition environment of colleges and universities, the self-service equipment is rapidly expanding in the campus market. Make a cup of fragrant coffee on the coffee self-service equipment, and the taste of the coffee is the same as that of the ordinary cafe, but the price is only one-third of the latter, and it takes only 45 seconds to get a freshly ground coffee. It can be bought at any time in the corridors of the teaching building, under the dormitory, in the library, in the cafeteria and even in the campus supermarket.

After the above analysis, the “college” scene is one of the most suitable scenes for “unmanned retail self-made coffee grinder”. Coffee Zero, Friends Coffee, Micro Drink Commune, 7 Days of Enjoyment, Art Plastics High Coffee Operators have quickly laid out the campus campus. “Good to drink” is the new darling of the students, and the coffee is now sold. Equipment and unattended technology are provided by Techno Smart. Below Tulu lists some cooperative universities in Guangzhou:


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One of the university scenes

The university library is a relatively closed scene, and it is also a place for high-intensity learning, which is easy to consume energy. A cup of freshly ground coffee can not only replenish energy, but also refreshing and refreshing. There are relatively many students in the library, which is a closed scene. There are not many choices, and the repurchase rate is relatively high. Then let's take a look at the data on the self-made coffee grinder in the library:


Guangzhou University Library

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China Normal University Library

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From the above data observation and communication with the field staff, the freshly ground coffee produced by the unmanned retail self-service coffee vending machine is more popular, which can refresh the mind and replenish energy. Almost every 2 days for 2 barrels of water, about 50 estimated to sell about 50 cups a day, this is just the summer sales of students during the summer vacation. It can be seen that the university library is one of the good points worthy of the operation of the self-service coffee grinder.

One of the college scenes

 Nowadays, many students are accustomed to using a cup of coffee to refresh their minds, and the aroma of coffee brings the attributes of relaxation, and relieves the tension caused by high-intensity mental work. In the teaching building of colleges and universities, most students bring a cup of coffee to class, which can quench their thirst and improve. The student group also has a role to play, most people drive a small group of people to drink coffee, because there is a coffee atmosphere around. Then let's take a look at the self-made coffee machine data in the teaching building:


 Guang Foreign Trade Teaching Building

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Communicating with the students on the spot, the freshly ground coffee produced by the unmanned retail self-service coffee vending machine is more popular. Because of this novelty and new things, many students try because of curiosity; there is also a good ground coffee production, and coffee shop 30 Diversified coffee is about the same, but the price is only one-third of the price of a coffee shop, which is economical. From data analysis and on-site communication, it is estimated that the daily sales volume should be no less than 30 cups. This is just the sales situation of students during the summer vacation. It can be seen that the university building is one of the good points worthy of the operation of the self-service coffee grinder.

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In class, reading, and preparing for exams, there are many scenes for college students who need coffee. The self-service equipment is more convenient to operate. The points are also in the demand scenes (such as classrooms, libraries, canteens, convenience stores, etc.), which greatly reduces the college students’ The cost of purchase time; secondly, it can also improve the quality of students drinking coffee, no longer drink instant, but the price is very close to the people.

        When the student group gradually forms the habit of drinking coffee, they will become a fixed group, which will bring a fixed long-term income to the operators, which is unmatched by the mobile population. Therefore, relatively closed college scenes are worthy of being put into operation by self-service coffee grinders.