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which kind of coffee vending machine is better to put in the business district/shopping mall?

Dec 06, 2018

As one of the crowded places in the shopping mall, having ample traffic is its innate advantage, and it has always been one of the most important points for self-service unmanned retail equipment. So if you put a self-service coffee machine, which one is better? Which is the most suitable self-service unmanned coffee machine in the business district?

Desktop or cabinet

The difference between a desktop and a cabinet is that they are different in size and function. First of all, in the crowded business district, the large cabinet coffee machine has a good eye-catching effect. If you customize all kinds of stickers and light boxes, it will have better results. Compared with the desktop, it is slightly petite and does not achieve the effect of drainage.

Mall with unmanned self-service coffee machine, business area coffee machine


Which one is suitable for placement in the business district

Jetinno JL500 self-service coffee grinder covers less than 1 square meter, and it takes only 45 seconds to make coffee. The imported grinder can bring consumers a more delicate coffee taste, fast cupping efficiency and more than 20 kinds of drinks. It has become the king of the mall, plus its ability to adjust the taste in DIY, to meet the needs of consumers in the taste, suitable for business.