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Which Coffee Types Should You Offer As Per Your Customer’s Demand?

Sep 19, 2019

Which Coffee Types Should You Offer As Per Your Customer's Demand?

The smell and taste of the coffee are what makes happy mornings for most of the people around the world. Majority of individuals prefer to buy exquisite coffee of their choice on their way to work rather than wasting extra time and energy on making coffee at home. This gives a lucrative opportunity to the coffee makes, cafes and manufacturers to accelerate their businesses to another level. An average espresso is something every cafeteria around you is selling but bringing innovation and creativity to create a fusion in different types of your coffee like trying organic coffee beans for your latte drink or extra cream with your cappuccino is something your customers are searching for.

1. Latte

Latte is one of the favorite drinks of the people in all seasons. Customers usually prefer it steamed with a single short of coffee and milk. It is meant to be frothy but some cafeteria sells it flat white which does not taste well. A couple of fusion ideas which you can try with your latte is to add flavors of vanilla and chocolate. You can also introduce cold vanilla latte in the summer season which is quite popular amongst our younger generation. The café who gives options to customers to tailor their coffee according to their likings is the most preferred spot for people to stop by to have a shot of their favorite beverage. For instance, some people like crushed ice in their cold coffee others like ice cubes or it can be mild variations in the ratio of expresso. Hazelnut is a flavoring often used for hot coffee and increases the sweetness in a regular latte. 

2. Macchiato:

A macchiato is typically a shot of espresso mixed with steamed milk. It does tastes like a cappuccino but you can add flavorings of hazelnut and caramel to make its texture unique. It is a strong drink with a two expresso shot and smaller in size as well but you can give the customers an option to change the size to large or medium. It is an ideal evening drink where people come to coffee shops to spend some quality time with their friends. A refreshing cup of macchiato with buttercream banana cake is an excellent combination you can offer your clients for a memorable evening.

3. Cappuccino:

Cappuccino is one of the lavish forms of coffee and is widely consumed around the world. It is typically made from three layers of an espresso shot, steamed milk and a foamy froth at the top. It is often decorated by the chocolate powder or shavings. A lot of café shops do not have staff with the expertise to make this coffee and customers end up searching for nice places to have their cup of cappuccino. You can also add an addition of decorating the top layer with cake or cookie crumble which will make it more tasty and exclusive. It is imperative that you train your barista on how to carefully consider the ratio of milk and foam to give your cappuccino cup a perfect taste. You can also take advantage of your in-house art barista to offer different designs with chocolate powder to make the presentation more appealing.

4. Espresso:

Espresso is the purest form of coffee which is astonishingly difficult to master. You can fusion your espresso shots by using organic coffee. It is not a drink faint hearted as it is quite bitter with a concentration of caffeine. It is used profoundly by professionals who work under high-pressure environments like engineers or doctors who work in night shifts. An expresso in its wholesome taste is essential to your coffee establishment