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Where is the commercial self-service coffee machine suitable for placement? What are the delivery scenarios?

Sep 20, 2018

In recent years, more and more self-service sales equipment has appeared in people's eyes. Whether in the streets, offices or shopping malls, you can see a variety of self-service vending machines. Commercial coffee machines are popular among consumers because of their convenience, low price, long waiting time and taste. Then, where is the commercial coffee vending machine placed in that place, which scenes can maximize profits?


Site selection criteria:

1, crowd flow, large traffic

2, the population distribution: 80,90,00 after the consumer, young people, white-collar workers, etc.

3. City: first-tier second-tier cities

Office area

Next to the office lobby and elevators on the floors, in the company office (foreign companies, joint ventures will be more popular), international exhibition venues, etc. Office workers have a fast pace of life and demand for coffee is very large. In the busy work, a 45s cup of freshly ground coffee machine meets the requirements of the office workers to save time. And the taste is much better than the instant coffee and the bottled coffee in the convenience store.

Office self-service coffee vending machine, custom-made smart coffee machine customization


University campus, library, middle school campus, school cafeteria, canteen, etc. The school area is one of the most popular places for self-service coffee grinders. The energetic campus and students with different personalities can only wait for 40s to DIY a cup of coffee to drink, and relieve fatigue while having a sense of self-satisfaction. Coffee machines placed in schools, canteens and libraries are usually filled with long queues, and the class is at its peak, so students who want to drink freshly ground coffee can stagger the time. Among them, milk, juice, milk tea, etc. are also very popular.

College self-service coffee machine, school self-service coffee vending machine


Transportation hub

Railway stations, bus stations, subway stations, high-speed rail stations, servers, etc. are also good choices. The characteristics of such places are that the flow of people is very dense, the flow is large, the passengers are working hard, the demand is large, and the consumption power is high. The unit price for a self-service coffee machine can be higher than anywhere else. Plus the self-service coffee grinder is small enough to be placed in these places.

Business place

Self-service cafe (or business cafe), KTV, buffet restaurant, wedding photo studio, gym, club, leisure club, hotel, etc.;

Someone has opened a self-service unmanned coffee shop. It is similar to Ma Yun’s unmanned vending shop. It uses networked monitoring and mobile payment to reduce labor costs. In addition, the self-service coffee machine has a small footprint and is easy to operate. It is a big trend in the future.

In addition, in order to reduce labor and speed, and stabilize the taste of coffee, the operating cafes also introduce self-service coffee machines in the store. Many well-known coffee shops have fully automatic coffee machines. The rest of the cafeterias, hotels, etc. are also for the convenience of guests, but also as an investment, after all, a self-service coffee machine can earn a lot of money if it is objectively sold in one month.

Self-service coffee grinder, self-service unmanned coffee vending machine


If you want to share a piece of the new retail industry, you should not only choose a good venue, but also choose a good coffee equipment manufacturer. Techno Technology is the leading company in China's self-service coffee machine. It has many years of industry development experience. A coffee machine that customizes various functions for customers.